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We are Anja & Kees

Anja and Kees  met and – as it goes – you tell each other’s dreams. Anja assured Kees to live in a sunny country within a few years and Kees dreamed of becoming a winegrower in France. As a golden mean they came to Piedmont, the northern Italian province for hedonists. When they drove there during their first holiday from Asti to Alba, the couple immediately fell in love with the phenomenal views of the Alps and Maritime Alps. In combination with the Italian life full of good food and the world’s best wines, everything became even more perfect.

Anja and Kees are in their late forties and have a daughter Liz of 6 years old.
Kees has been an independent Procurementconsultant for quite some time now and his hobbies are mainly sports-oriented (active: football, running, skating, skiing), he enjoys giving running training. His other hobby is wine, through a course he has studied wines more deeply and now Piedmontese wines are his favorite. His big dream is to rent out holiday homes in an authentic building.
Anja is an awareness coach, loves to cook and is as born Volendam raised with music. Her years of experience in the hospitality industry have also shaped her into a hospitality expert. Besides her regular work, Anja has trained and developed into a coach in conscious living, living in the now. Besides living in a sunny country, opening a ZEN (being in the now) center in Italy is now her big dream.
Both dreams melted together into a big dream: ZEN in Piedmont, the rental of apartments at a beautiful location in the Langhe, a region within Piedmont, linked to a ZEN-Centre…
Besides world famous wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera, the SLOW Food cradle and many local cheeses, the natural beauty remains there: the hills full of vines with impressive views of the Alps again and again. Since June 2014 the region has been placed on the Unescower World Heritage list. Above all, they enjoyed the contacts with the inhabitants, the epicureans and not for nothing they can count many Piedmontese to their circle of friends.
Anja and Kees have proven several times that they form a strong team, from making up (and executing) successful wine tasting concepts to setting up a running group of about 30 runners. They know how to come up with ideas and turn them into actual action.

Kees & Anja

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