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/Near `Casa in bocca al lupo`
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Clavesana in ‘De Langhe’ Piemonte

The luxury holiday home Casa ‘in Bocca al Lupo’ (good luck) is situated on top of a hill among the vines near the picturesque village of Clavesana in Piedmont, a region in Italy that lies directly against the Alps. Piedmont means: “At the foot of the mountains”.

Although Piedmont has many known areas, the Langhe is one of the better known. A hilly region bordering the wide valley of the Po with great views of the Alps. The Langhe is especially known for its culinary delicacies, with as eye-catchers the Barolo wine and white truffle. It is a piece of Italy as it should be. The Langhe offers space, is not yet overflowing with tourism, unspoiled nature, the region is pure, honest and it is very affordable. The inhabitants of the Langhe are friendly and helpful. The village of Clavesana has many borgata’s, but has a central supermarket, a bar, several restaurants and a large Cantina with good wines. Because of its location on the river Tanaro with the imposing Calanchi (chalk cliffs) and with the high hills full of vines and hazelnut trees, it is lovely to stay there. Life there is slow but almost excessively good and approached -according to us- the typical Italian Dolce Vita.

The world famous towns and cities of Barolo, Alba, Bra, Mondovi and Cuneo are easily accessible, but also Turin, Genoa, the Alps and the Flower Riviera are within an hour’s drive.
With big events like the international White Truffle Fair in Alba, the music festival Collezione in Barolo, Grasso Bue (meat) in Carru and then the many village festivals in the summer there is always something to do!