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Information you provide in our guestbook can be read by other visitors. Please therefore make sure that you do not entrust any personal information to the guestbook. “Casa in Bocca al Lupo” reserves the right to refuse or change comments at its own discretion and without giving any reason.
By making a booking you will be included in our address database. If you no longer wish to receive this information, you can pass it on via the contact option on the website. In the context of the Personal Data Protection Act, we do not provide your personal data to third parties. We use your details to keep track of the status of your reservation and payment. Furthermore to send you the necessary information about your stay and finally to keep you informed about our services.
Address and telephone number of the homeowners we provide after payment of the full rent and confirmation by “Casa in Bocca al Lupo”.
At various places on our site is a link to websites of third parties. This is for example the case with links and tips. “Casa in Bocca al Lupo” is not responsible or liable for its content.
“Casa in Bocca al Lupo” gives you tips to make your stay in Italy more pleasant. Follow-up of these tips is entirely at the tenant’s own risk.