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Ski resort Limone Piemonte

Winter sports enthusiasts can also enjoy themselves in Piedmont.
The village Limone is a village at 1010 meters altitude in Cuneo and has a slope of 90 kilometers. The ski area Limone Piemonte is easily accessible by ski lift from three different places: Limone Piemonte, Limonetto quato and 1400. The extensive Mondole Ski is also a beautiful ski area.
Mondolé Ski, a large ski area
The large winter sports area Mondolè Ski is located in Cuneo, Italy and is 45min drive from Clavesana. Mondolè Ski consists of 130 kilometers of slopes, 48 easy, 75 average and 7 difficult. 31 ski lifts connect the slopes between 894 and 2085 meters altitude.

Limone is a cosy, old-fashioned winter sports village and one of the oldest ski areas in the Alps. It is located on the border of France and Italy and 1.5 hours drive from Clavesana. It is a medium sized slope. Depending on the snow depth, the snow area is connected to a large area. There are 12 easy slopes, 57 average and 11 difficult slopes in the ski area. The slopes between 1032 and 2050 meters altitude are connected by 29 ski lifts.

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