Searching for truffles

//Searching for truffles
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Truffle Tour

De Langhe is known for the quantity of White Truffle, which is found annually. Alba is in autumn the world capital of white truffles and because of the international truffle fair it attracts many tourists from home and abroad.
The white truffle is a truffle (underground spherical mushroom) from Piedmont, which only daily fresh delicious is, after one day the truffle loses its flavour and smell. This truffle may never be cooked but should be planed raw over the dish at the last moment. The only truffle that cannot be grown.

What hardly anyone knows is that hunting white truffles with trained truffle dogs is a mysterious activity. Regularly we see truffle hunters around our house, who of course will never betray if they have found truffles and where….. Other hunters go out in the night to search.
So truffle dogs are indispensable during the hunt for truffles. Pigs used to be used, but they were a lot less easy to trim than the barking four-legged friend. The dog walks after his nose and searches for the truffles. The hunter’s task is to keep a close eye on the dog. If the dog is on the trail, the hunter helps the dog to dig until they have found their treasure. The truffle hunter likes to keep his finds secret, because the competition is killing.
One thing is certain; it is a great experience to go out with such a truffle hunter. Preferably in the middle of the night with flashlights, high boots and protective clothing….. With us you can inquire about the possibility of experiencing this adventure!

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