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Nearby towns

In the piedmont area there are beautiful cities where there is a lot to do. Piedmont produces the best wines in Italy and is also the land of truffles and cheeses. In the Piedmont region (Bra) the Foundation Slow Food was founded.

Turin (Torino)

Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region. It is after Milan the largest city of northern Italy. It is located southwest of Milan and northwest of Savona. In Turin, many buildings from the time of the Baroque are on display. Fiat was also founded in Turin in 1899 by the Agnelli family. Until the first world war, Turin was the film city of Italy.
More info: Comune di Torino


Alba is a city and a municipality in the south of Piedmont. It is located in the province of Cuneo. The city is surrounded by hills, covered with vineyards. The city has several attractions such as: fourteenth century towers, cathedral, Church San Domenico and the Palazzo Comunale. The city is also known for its white truffles.
More info: Comune di Alba


Cuneo is located in the south of Piedmont. It is the capital of cuneo province. Cuneo is an important traffic hub. To the west of the city are three mountain valleys that penetrate deep into the Cottian Alps.
More info: Comune di Cuneo


Barolo is known as the large wine region of Piedmont. The largest wines come from this area and are made from the Nebbiolo grape.
More info: Comune di Barolo


Asti is located in the Piedmont region. The city is known for the wine Barbera which is grown on the hills around Asti. Asti has a historical center. The Palio will be held on the third Tuesday of September; this is one of italy’s most important horse races.
More info: Comune di Asti


Bra is located in the south of Piedmont. The city is situated on a hill above the River Tanaro. Bra is an important industrial and agricultural centre. In the centre there are largely monumental Baroque-style buildings. In the city, among other things, the cheese Bra is made. Slow Food has its headquarters in Bra.
More info: Comune di Bra


Genoa is located in the northwest of Italy. The city is located southwest of Milan on the Ligurian sea. It is the capital of the Liguria region. It is the largest port of Italy and after Marseille the second port on the Mediterranean.
More info: Comune di Genova


Milan is the main city of northern Italy and the capital of Lombardy and the capital of the province of Milan. Milan is the fashion city of Italy, but there are also many other attractions, like beautiful buildings and churches from history.
More info: Comune di Milano

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