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Activities for gasts

Upon arrival guests will especially marvel at and immerse themselves in the surroundings; rustic location with plenty of opportunities to discover Piedmont close by, a region that offers plenty of activities.


First of all, there are the many wineries; Clavesana itself has a large Cantina Clavesana with the specialty Dogliani (Dolcetto) wines, Barolo is about 10 kilometers away and in the entire region, the winegrowers will be happy to open their doors to let their wines taste. There are also regular walks organized through the vineyards, where each wineboer serves a glass of wine, beautiful views and close to nature. The Langhe region has been on the Unesco World Heritage List since 2014.


truffels-piemonteHazelnuts and truffles

Nutella is world famous, partly because of the many hazelnut orchards, which region is rich and why not help with the harvest? Even more interesting is of course the hunt for white truffles with dogs; Alba is the city of white truffles, culminating in the annual international truffle festival (October).

Mondovicino Outlet Village

Italy is of course the modeland par excellence and our guests almost cannot escape a visit of Mondovicino Outlet Village; with about 85 shops this is one of the largest in the country. Nice detail: on the roof of the complex is a mini golf course and there are of course plenty of restaurants.



De Langhe kent ook een aantal eigen kazen, die ook volop geëxporteerd worden. In Bra (op circa 30 kilometer afstand) is een jaarlijks kaasfeest in september, ook het nabij gelegen Murrazano kent zijn eigen kwaliteits

Balloon flights and bicycles

Often you see hot air balloons whizzing past in the Langhe; in the nice town of Bene Vagienna you can start such a hot air balloon flight. Another popular sport in Italy is cycling, in the Alps on mountain bikes and closer to the road bike climbing the steep hills. Talking about climbing, the Alps are within 45 minutes by car for making beautiful walks.