Activities for guests

Guests will marvel at and blend into the area on arrival; situated with plenty of opportunities to discover Piedmont, a region that offers plenty of activities.


First of all, there are the many wineries; Clavesana himself has a large Cantina Clavesana specialty with Dogliani (Dolcetto) wines, Barolo is about 10 kilometres away and throughout the region the vintners will gladly open the doors to taste their wines. There are also regular walks organised by the vineyards, with each winemaker pouring a glass of wine; beautiful views and close to nature. The Langhe region has been on the Unesco World Heritage List since 2014.

Hazelnuts and truffles

Nutella is world famous, partly because of the many hazelnut orchards, which the region is rich and why not help with the harvest? Even more interesting, of course, is the hunting of white truffles with dogs; Alba is the city of white truffle with the highlight being the annual international truffle festival (October).

Mondovicino Outlet Village

Italy is of course the modeling par excellence and our guests hardly escape a visit from Mondovicino Outlet Village; with approximately 85 stores, it is one of the largest in the country. Nice detail: on the roof of the complex a miniature golf course is built and there are of course plenty of dining options.


De Langhe also has a number of own cheeses, which are also widely exported. In Bra (about 30 kilometres away) there is an annual cheese festival in September, and the nearby Murrazano also has its own quality cheese.

Hot air balloon ride and cycling

Often one sees hot air balloons whizzing by in the Langhe; in the nice town of Bene Vagienna you can start such a hot air balloon ride. Another popular sport in Italy is cycling; in the Alps on the mountain bike and closer on the road bike climb the spicy hills. Speaking of climbing; The Alps can be reached within 45 minutes for making beautiful walking tours.

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